Lives of the First World War

As we mark 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War, we take a look through the new IWM galleries discovering the impact war had on people's lives.

Creative Director Vadim Charles and Producer Olivia Freeman take a journey through the new galleries.


In the trenches 
A life-sized section of trench has been constructed for visitors to walk through; our work includes projections showing soldiers involved in everyday activities such as cleaning the guns, cooking and preparing to fight. 

IMG 8997

An interactive table-top piece that gives a sense of international cultural, technological and scientific developments in the early twentieth century, before the outbreak of the First World War.

IMG 8833

Recruitment poster wall
An audio-visual piece projecting a scrolling streetscape onto a wall; using a touchscreen, visitors can select historic posters which appear on the wall. 

IMG 9071

Tipping point
An interactive table top touchscreen which explores the turning point of the war from a German perspective.

IMG 8850

Trench network map
Table-based projection maps which explain the evolution of the first trenches into complex and extensive networks that were dug across the battlefields.

Tech table 02

Tech table
A table projection featuring physical artefacts ranging from a dog collar to a machine gun; visitors can discover how developments in technology changed the way the war was fought. 

IMG 8981Reflection spaces
Two circular reflection spaces where visitors can watch films in the round, on major issues of the conflict - two films shown here ask ‘Should wars have rules?’ and ‘Kill or be killed?’


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