Not a Peep

Surreal and highly stylised animation for British fashion label House of Flora

'Not a Peep' doffs its cap to the surreal world of Magritte where nothing is quite as it seems. A world in which a pipe 'n'est pas une pipe.'  

Our protagonist finds herself awake within a hypnagogic scene; a deserted gallery in which elements from the painter's oeuvre fall from the sky and envelop her. As we follow her journey through this surreal new landscape, she is hypnotised by glimpses of House of Flora hats and jewellery, but they are always just out of reach. When she finally finds a bracelet within grasp, the first tangible thing in this dreamlike place, she steals it and replaces the CCTV footage with a clip from surrealist film ‘Le Chien Andalou’.


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