Helping to bring to life the story of Stonehenge

To help tell the story of Prehistoric monument Stonehenge, Squint/Opera were invited to complete a series of projects for English Heritage.

Our first commission was for a film describing proposals to improve the visitor experience and the setting of the world-famous stones. Using a combination of carefully manipulated live footage and animated diagrams, the film provides an overview of the entire project, outlining the key challenges, and visualising the solutions. A series of renderings and photomontages of the proposals were produced for marketing purposes.

Our most recent piece was a highly detailed panoramic film that leads people through the history of this prehistoric World Heritage site. Working with the English Heritage archaeological team we traced how humans shaped the landscape over 2500 years from 4000BC. Our film recreates the contoured landscape with the help of a giant 3D scan. This used Lidar data collected by a helicopter-mounted laser tracing the ground. A number of the wide-view shots featured up to 60 miles of recreated landscape showing the henge in its broad context. Texture (matte) painting was completed in post production to project onto the 3D geometry. The film is now showing at the new visitor centre using three projectors on a 10-metre wide screen.


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