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A new virtual design platform

SpaceForm is a revolutionary data driven design tool that allows architects and planners across the world to collaborate in augmented reality. It is a collaboration between Squint/Opera, BIG and UNStudio. The latest iteration of the platform has been dubbed 'The Zoom for AEC,' and supports industry-specific needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Imagine a virtual workshop space where site images, maps, data and 3D models can be uploaded, viewed and manipulated in collaboration. The user can interact with scale models on the virtual work table or immerse themselves at 1:1 scale - allowing the entire project team to experience the consequences of their design decisions. By enabling designers from locations across the globe to come together to discuss and develop ideas, SpaceForm reduces the need for physical travel to meetings. In short: SpaceForm enables designers to make better decisions faster. During the lockdown, the platform is helping to get projects approved and moving forward. 



The first prototype of SpaceForm was built in 2018 and has since been tested with several architects. This next iteration of the platform response directly to the industries concerns and needs. The platform starts with a virtual workspace which offers a bespoke project room that can be built around a specific project. The space can be accessed on any device and is completely immersive, including:

  • Presentation Tools
  • Scale and Zoom controls
  • Markup & Sketch
  • Navigation
  • Meeting Control panel
  • Multi-user support
  • 2D and 3D Project assets
  • Media wall

SpaceForm lets architects, engineers, planners and designers present new ideas, collaborate with stakeholders and review and approve design decisions in detail. It helps remote teams and clients make better decisions and get projects moving again. 

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