Jules Coke


As CEO and co-founder of Squint/Opera Jules is constantly expanding our creativity into new and exciting projects. Among his recent adventures is 52-part children’s TV series Messy Goes to Okido, which began broadcasting on CBeebies in September 2015 and has recently been commissioned for a third series. Jules has worked extensively across the architectural, cultural and entertainment sectors, relentlessly pushing digital boundaries as squint explores new opportunities to dazzle audiences.

Cassiano Sala

Director - Asia and the Middle East

With a background in architecture and passion for photography and film-making, Cass has worked around the world, enjoying close collaboration with client teams and has extensive experience of our creative and digital production workflows. Cass is our Director in Asia and the Middle East.

Who we are

We’re excited by the big ideas that make an impact. But, we don’t believe you need to be an expert to understand them.

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Squint's Story

Squint/Opera was started in 2001 by four young friends who wanted to change the way big ideas about cities were expressed. They wanted to remove the jargon and make these ideas fun.
Embedded in the studio of renowned British architect and artist, Will Alsop, we started out exploring the boundaries of architecture and design.

Back then, the latest tech involved mini DV cameras, editing from our laptops and creating digital animation in After Effects. But our short-format architectural films caught the eye of the industry and began to change the way people thought about buildings and spaces.

20 years on, we have expanded our focus, but we're still committed to communicating those big ideas and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. And, we still believe that these big ideas should be playful, exciting and easy to understand.

Our Team

We approach each project with the understanding that strategy informs narrative and narrative defines content.

With a large in-house team and a continuously expanding network of key collaborators, we bring an enormous amount of skill to each project:

Producers / Creative Directors / Brand Strategists / Art Directors / Copywriters / Graphic Artists / CG Artists / 2D Animators / VR Artists / AR Artists / Full Stack Developers / Researchers / Editors / Compositors / Sound Designers / Technical Directors / Data Analysts / Marketing Strategists


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