Digital Design for a Physical World

We are experts at blending digital media with physical reality. Using the power of narrative, we help our clients craft immersive experiences to communicate with impact and leave lasting impressions

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  • “Sci-Fi-style Qiddiya City Speed Park Track will be like no other”

    Grand Prix 247 View Case Study
  • “New £13m museum aims to recapture Blackpool's showbiz heyday - BBC”

    - View Case Study
  • “Unlike any, Squint’s team is geared towards idea driven innovation. The form and content is never a stylistic exercise but rather a thoughtful and fearless pursuit of the most blatant way to embody the story of the design.”

    Bjarke Ingels, Founder and Creative Director at BIG – Bjarke Ingels GroupView Case Study
  • “It's more than a restoration, more than a renovation, it's a reinvention. ”

    - Emmanuel Macron, President of France. View Case Study
  • “The Empire State Building was just voted the number one attraction in all of the United States (and third in the world).”

    - Trip AdvisorView Case Study
  • “We are delighted to have partnered with Squint Opera to take this transformative step and develop our virtual twin. The ability to replicate our vibrant campus in a virtual forum and show people from all over the world our site, whilst having real-time conversations with them, is really unique.”

    Gavin Poole, CEO of Here East View Case Study
  • “For OAAM, Squint created remarkable audio-visual experiences, at staggering scales, that seamlessly integrate into the exhibition spaces. ”

    - Esteban Botero, Creative Director, Event Communications.
    View Case Study
  • “I finally see London once again and she looks pretty darn good. ”

    - The Independent View Case Study
  • “Abrahamic Family House represents a shift in modern history ”

    - Jerusalem Post View Case Study
  • “ Winner of the global Helsinki Energy Challenge, floating seawater reservoirs that help decarbonise the city's heating network.”

    -DezeenView Case Study
  • “A stimulating, sensitive and humane exhibition – one that is needed more now, perhaps, than ever”

    - The Guardian View Case Study
  • “Rockefeller Group's $50 Million renovation of the block long, tree-lined plaza at 1221 Avenue of the Americas.”

    View Case Study
  • “Tree of Trees reflects the planting of more than a million trees as part of the Queen’s QGC initiative to mark 70 years of the monarch’s reign.”

    -ITV View Case Study
  • “A Film documenting the Telosa team as they venture into designing the first new city in the USA for more than 100 years.”

    View Case Study
  • Qiddiya City

    "The City Speed Park film reached 363.9 Million on Socials"

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  • Showtown

    "Whoopee cushions and Houdini’s cell: Blackpool’s new museum celebrates its rowdy heritage" - The Guardian

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  • Bjarke Ingels Group

    The kingdom of Bhutan is planning a “mindfulness city” that, if built, will cover some 2.5% of the country — an area larger than Singapore. - CNBC

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  • Le Musée national de la Marine

    Inaugurated by President Emmanuel Macron, Le Musée national de la Marine admitted 13,000 visitors within 48 hours of opening.

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  • "The New Galleries are absolutely fabulous. These galleries are very, very different... They engage you in a way that I think you'll find extraordinary." - Sir David Attenborough

    View Case Study
  • BIGToyota

    "Together with Squint/Opera the presentation of the city became an immersive experience." - Bjarke Ingels

    View Case Study
  • "Our visitors from around the world are thrilled by the quality of Squint/Opera’s work, its natural flow, and its accessibility." - Anthony E. Malkin, CEO Empire State Realty Trust.

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  • "Squint Opera brought their unique expertise, creativity and energy to help Telosa build a more equitable and sustainable future." - Marc Lore, CEO Junto Group.

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  • Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

    "We are very excited for this new permanent addition to the exhibition experiences offered at Frost Science" - Frank Steslow, President & CEO Frost Science.

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  • “Squint/Opera helped us take our vision to the next level. We are in love with the work, which is driven by their strong appreciation of human experience and space.” - Amy Ankeles VP, Rockefeller Group.

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  • Tribeca Festival, Dustin Yellin

    “We are thrilled to be the wildlife conservation partner for Procession.” - Carey Stanton, head of innovation partnerships, National Wildlife Federation.

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