Project Details

Our film portrays the vision and exciting challenges of the Telosa team as they venture into the design of the first new city in the USA in more than 100 years.


Junto Group




Architecture & Built Environment


BIG, Coda to Coda

The Brief

Showcase the group of pioneers co-designing a new model for urban development and help them to articulate that vision.

City of TelosaCity of Telosa

Our Response

Squint/Opera set out to create a deep dive introduction of Telosa that conveyed the fundamental principles under-pinning the concept of Equitisim and the positive role it could play in greatly enhancing the future of urban living. We chose to make a film with one consistent narration but told by the many voices of the people directly involved in the project.

City of Telosa

The Telosa team had struggled to convey the scale and depth of their concept and how it could positively impact the future of all cities. We created a film that clearly laid out the underlying principles and got people excited by the prospect of an equitable urban future that they could participate in directly. A call to action for future Telosans.

City of TelosaCity of TelosaCity of TelosaCity of Telosa

“Squint Opera brought their unique expertise, creativity and energy to help Telosa build a more equitable and sustainable future.”Marc Lore, Junto Group CEO

City of TelosaCity of TelosaCity of TelosaCity of Telosa

The challenges our world faces today require innovators and pioneers that are willing to imagine solutions for a better future and put in the work to achieve this goal. Telosa is the expression of this desire: an entire team working with passion to make the vision for a brand new city become reality.

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