Project Details

Procession is a groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) experience that places one of Dustin Yellin’s sculptures in people’s immediate environment. Our creative goal for this project is to make the AR experience accessible, and open to all. We want to engage the audience to learn more about animal conservation and how to make an impact. We worked as technology directors alongside Dustin Yellin, the National Wildlife Federation and an interdisciplinary team of designers and producers.


Tribeca Festival, Dustin Yellin


New York, USA


Dustin Yellin, National Wildlife Federation, Droga5, Q Department, and VRAI Pictures

The Brief

Using Dustin Yellin’s art, create an immersive experience that presents our potential future, a period of global unrest and environmental destruction. Use technology to democratise art and educate the audience, uniting people to take action in preserving our natural environment.


Our Response

Debuting globally at this year’s Tribeca Festival, Procession is a groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) app experience set in a utopian world where human-created climate change wreaks havoc as you watch. It is a new interactive artwork that lets anyone in the world place a Dustin Yellin sculpture in their immediate environment, and bring it to life by walking around and inside it, revealing hundreds of narratives within the piece.


Procession is one of the first fine art AR projects based on a realized sculpture to combine animation, collage, and archival footage into an explorative interactive soundscape. Through the accessibility of art, Procession aims to unite people to take action in preserving our natural environment. Through education, awareness, and a directive linking to National Wildlife Federation’s non-profit climate initiatives, Procession joins the fight to preserve our delicate ecosystem before we lose it.


Squint/Opera worked as Technical Directors on the project. Technology allowed us to add animation and special effects, social interactions, and gaming achievements to create a brand new artwork that truly leverages the medium it is made with. Procession is available on Apple iOS and Android. To download the experience, go to .

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