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We make beautiful, memorable films about architecture that may look simple, but they are ruthlessly effective at delivering our clients’ stories. Our clients are usually managing serious business risks like investments, approvals or sales, and we aren’t satisfied until our work has helped them overcome these hurdles.

We are successful because we are experts not only in filmmaking, but also in strategic communications and digital design. And we’ve developed a creative process that combines these disciplines to ensure we help take our clients’ projects across the finish line.

Our process moves through four stages: Discovery, Creative Treatment, Animatic and Production, and we believe it is unusually good at getting great results. It is also a lot of fun.

Squint Opera Creative Director Tom Law explains how our filmmaking process works.

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Written by

Tom Law

Creative Director

Tom is a Creative Director with a background in documentary filmmaking and photojournalism. He brings over a decade of filmmaking and storytelling expertise to Squint/Opera projects, directing the creative team in all aspects of our clients’ briefs. Tom loves to create evocative, thought-provoking content, and has brought this sensibility to Squint projects such as the award-winning Holocaust Galleries at the Imperial War Museum (IWM) in London. …