Project Details

Combining residential, retail, employment, community and leisure uses, The Brentford Project offers a sensitive and inspiring interplay of old and new that injects new energy into a wonderful stretch of waterside London. We created a series of marketing films and a large projection table for the Ballymore experience centre.




London, UK


Architecture & Built Environment

The Brief

‘Create a series of marketing collateral for use across a range of channels, and a dynamic exhibit for the Ballymore experience centre.’

Brentford ProjectBrentford Project

Our Response

The goal of the project was to introduce the community and surrounding areas to the new Brentford, and demonstrate the attention that was being given to boosting the town’s status as a creative hub whilst protecting its rich artisanal culture and the strong local community.

Brentford Project

Through local footage, historical photos, motion graphics and interviews with community members, we created three films to tell the story of past, present and future Brentford. A local poet was commissioned to write a poem about Brentford which was used as a voiceover in the film. We also created shorter films to be used as part of Ballymore’s marketing efforts: initially to launch their summer series of events, and subsequently for online, digital billboards and social media.

Brentford ProjectBrentford Project

As part of the Brentford Project, Ballymore created an Experience centre complete with a cafe, a children’s play area and exhibition and events space. Using aspects of the film and graphical overlay, we created a projection map of the Brentford development to be overlayed on a physical model in the experience centre.

Brentford ProjectBrentford ProjectBrentford ProjectBrentford Project

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