Project Details

In response to the damage by Hurricane Sandy, BIG architects developed a city-scale flood protection concept called The Dryline. We created a film with the community at the centre to communicate BIG’s concept as part of the East Side Coastal Resiliency project in Lower Manhattan.




New York City, USA


Architecture & Built Environment

The Brief

‘Build support for the Dryline from the broadest range of stakeholders: the myriad community groups, local government, investors – everyone who lives in the city.’

The DrylineThe Dryline

Our Response

The film needed to speak directly to the community and engage them with the design. As such, we filmed a series of spontaneous interviews with community spokespeople and strangers, who shared the fears raised by the hurricane and their dreams for the future of their neighbourhoods.

The Dryline

As they share these thoughts the environments around them begin to transform – far from being an obstructive wall, we see parks and trees, basketball courts and table tennis: the Dryline Park comes to life in the city. We blended these interviews with the designs to help audiences visualise the plans in a meaningful way.

The DrylineThe DrylineThe DrylineThe Dryline