Project Details

The Cite du Vin is a museum as well as a place of exhibitions, shows, movie projections and academic seminars on the theme of wine located in Bordeaux. We create three dialogues, each exploring a different theme: the service of wine through history, wine in varied social and cultural environments and the close links between wine and French gastronomy.’




Bordeaux, France


Museums & Attractions


CassonMann, A Propos

The Brief

‘Create 3 distinct and playful exhibits that guest can interact with.’

Bordeaux Wine MuseumBordeaux Wine Museum

Our Response

This project is a great example of our ability to deliver our classic Squint approach to the deep narrative, compelling visuals and playful choreography but in another language and another country.

Bordeaux Wine Museum

The series of detailed immersive projection mapped environments and interactives for the recently opened and highly prestigious Bordeaux Wine Museum are a huge hit. The installation consists of a complex projection mapping display showcasing three large tables laid with 2D and 3D props onto which six-minute animations are projected. As the visitors can get very close to the tables, the details need to stand up to scrutiny. Each glass and plate had a purpose with all the animations and sound synchronised across the tables.

Bordeaux Wine MuseumBordeaux Wine MuseumBordeaux Wine MuseumBordeaux Wine Museum

The multilayered ‘magic mirror’ animation was on the theme of wine and memory, illustrating childhood memories from writers, and an integrated camera in the frame allows the visitor to catch a glimpse of themselves in a dreamlike setting. Our three exhibits now make up part of the permanent display enjoyed by an international audience at the museum.

Bordeaux Wine MuseumBordeaux Wine MuseumBordeaux Wine MuseumBordeaux Wine Museum