Project Details

Cavnue is revolutionising road infrastructure to realise the full potential of connected and autonomous vehicles in the future of mobility. We worked to communicate the company’s mission and to help launch their brand.


Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (SIP)


Michigan, USA


Green Technology


Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners, Cavnue, Coda to Coda

The Brief

‘Help launch the Cavnue brand and build public interest in the project.’


Our Response

In the film, we focused on communicating the seamless design of Cavnue and how this project will benefit the surrounding communities. Particular focus is paid to the improved access to affordable, high-quality public transit and the increased efficiency when transporting goods. It showcases the experience of using a Cavnue lane while touching on the technical details in an easy to understand manner.


We used animation to explore the possibilities of the infrastructure and how Cavnue will shape the future of mobility. This process was about taking something highly technical and conveying it in its most simple form. In doing so, the film reaches a wider audience, beyond industry professionals and stakeholders.

“Squint/Opera was a stellar partner in visualising the future of roads, they took our vision for the future and made it feel like reality.”Leigh Whiting Design Lead, Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners


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