Project Details

BEAM is a sculptural installation by artist Wolfgang Buttress who is known for his multi-award-winning Hive sculpture at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. We worked with Wolfgang to design and create the 360-degree projections that fill the inside of the structure, which was built at the Glastonbury festival Greenpeace Field in 2019.


Wolfgang Buttress


Somerset, UK


Museums & Attractions


Wolfgang Buttress, Dr Martin Bencsik, RES, Tony Foster, Kev Bales and includes contributions from Spiritualized, Amiina (string section for Sigur Ros), Daniel Avery, Camille Christel, Kelly Lee Owens and Matt Black (Coldcut/Ninja Tunes).

The Brief

‘Work alongside an interdisciplinary team to create 360-projections that fill the structure and animate the walls.’


Our Response

We worked with a mixed team of experts to integrate the internal space with LED screens that circumnavigate the clearing. The footage and soundscape mimic the activity of beehives in real-time. The space at night is filled with 360-degree projections that animate the walls of the clearing with footage from the honey bee hives in both high definition film, MRI and thermal imagery.


BEAM highlights and expresses the plight of the honey bee and the essential role they play in pollinating 30% of the food that we eat.