Project Details

We partnered with Snohetta to communicate their ambitious plans to repurposing an old metro station to become a multi-purpose space to accommodate work, culture, life and sports.




Paris, France


Architecture & Built Environment


The Brief

‘Create a film that explores Snohetta’s vision for the future of the metro in Paris.’

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Our Response

The main aim of the film was to visualise the spirit of the site, bring context to how the metro once worked and then layout plans for its future. We developed a story of a man who has dropped his notepad, and a woman is intent on returning it. As the chase ensues, the audience explores different areas of the station and gets a feel for Snohetta's expansive design.

The film won an Archiboo award in 2019, and the judges praised “the playful narrative and the use of illustrative elements together with realistic CG animation that gives a real sense of the spaces.”

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