Project Details

MoLi, the Museum of Literature Ireland, is Dublin’s newest cultural institution. We conceptualised and created several interactive tablets, multiple audio installations and a large-scale generative media exhibition, a Riverrun of Language for the museum.




Dublin, Ireland


Museums & Attractions


RAA, Coda to Coda

The Brief

‘Explore the breadth and depth of Irish writing using digital media and immersive audio.’

Museum of Literature IrelandMuseum of Literature Ireland

Our Response

We created several interactive tablets and audio installations for the museum. However, A Riverrun of Language is by far the most enriching and engulfing. Irish writing is explored through recorded readings, projections and directional sound showers, the result is an interactive design that resembles a flowing river of language.

Museum of Literature Ireland

Both the soundscapes and the flowing text projections respond to visitors’ actions, beginning when one of the five plinths is approached. Each plinth explores a different theme and shapes the way in which the river of text responds. We created the typographic landscape with bespoke software capable of generating procedural animation which meant everything was customised and adjusted on site.

Museum of Literature IrelandMuseum of Literature Ireland

We sourced the unfolding text colours and the sounds for the accompanying sound showers directly from Ireland to generate a holistic and cohesive design. The collection of quotations in the graphic river also simulates the seasons outside, both through the texts’ movement and colour. The result is an ever-evolving piece of media that offers fluidity and contrast to the rest of the museum.

Museum of Literature IrelandMuseum of Literature Ireland