Project Details

Nabr is an innovative people-first housing design company, co-founded by Bjarke Ingels. Nabr’s unique built-to-order model simplifies the path to home-ownership and reimagines the way we design, build and buy homes. Squint/Opera was brought on board as a creative partner early on in the process to help develop a visual communication and digital experience style for Nabr. The collaboration culminated with a 90 second animated film and a series of social media clips, commissioned to further communicate the Nabr story.






Architecture & Built Environment



The Brief

Create an engaging 90 second film to communicate the Nabr concept and story


Our Response

As creative partner, Squint played an important role in formulating and communicating Nabr’s unique business model in a simple, yet compelling way. We developed a new visual language that prioritises simplicity and user experience to celebrate the joy and ease of co-designing your home with Nabr.


In the film, we deconstruct the elements of a dwelling – and the various legal and financial steps of the home ownership journey – into abstract geometric shapes, which form an intriguing visual game explaining the Nabr process.


To present customising your home in an accessible way, our film uses clean and minimal aesthetics, while still feeling warm and human. Hints of materiality and playful animations bring the concept to life and allude to the high quality design aspirations of Nabr and the central role of residents’ wellbeing.


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