Project Details

Squint/Opera, in collaboration with Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), was chosen to communicate the vision of the National Juneteenth Museum and champion the museum’s fundraising efforts. Our film celebrates the origins of Juneteenth and how it became recognised as a federal holiday in 2021, due to the tireless efforts of Ms Opal Lee. We highlight the cultural and community value the museum will bring to the Historic Southside of Fort Worth, Texas and the nation as a whole, inspiring potential funders to honour Fort Worth’s past and support its future by investing in the museum.

Celebrated annually on June 19th, Juneteenth marks the emancipation of enslaved people in the USA following the Civil War and under the 1862 Emancipation Proclamation. The National Juneteenth Museum, which is due to open in 2026, will become the epicentre for preserving Juneteenth history and a forum for discussions about freedom – it will serve as an example of how an engaging learning centre can transform minds and communities.


The National Juneteenth Museum


Fort Worth, USA


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Bjarke Ingels Group

The Brief

Communicate the vision for the upcoming National Juneteenth Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. 

National Juneteenth MuseumNational Juneteenth Museum

Our Response

Squint/Opera created a dynamic film that would showcase the National Juneteenth Museum’s significance to Fort Worth and the nation, to support fundraising efforts and celebrate this important national holiday.


National Juneteenth Museum

Squint wanted to create a film with longevity. This powerful communication tool could be used for years to come to explain to audiences around the world the significance of creating a permanent home for Juneteenth.


The Film addresses four key elements of the proposed museum: the story of Juneteenth, the history of the Fort Worth site, the museum design and programme, which seek to act as a catalyst for ensuring the future vitality of the historic southside neighbourhood, the film also speaks to the broader impact the museum will have on Black culture in the area and nationally. 

“We envisioned a film that would effectively narrate our story and appropriately reflect the spirit of Juneteenth. Working with the Squint/Opera team was a pleasure; their vast experience and creative approach made the creation process enjoyable, and the by-product of their work is a very compelling film that truly captures the essence of our ambitious project. ” –

Jarred Howard, CEO, National Juneteenth Museum.

National Juneteenth MuseumNational Juneteenth MuseumNational Juneteenth MuseumNational Juneteenth Museum

Ms Opal Lee, the ‘Grandmother of Juneteenth’ and star of the film, was instrumental in lobbying for Juneteenth to become a national holiday. When it did, President Biden signed the legislation using Opal Lee’s pen, which became the film’s anchor.



The line drawn out of her pen becomes the through line for the film, weaving different visual media together and becoming the inspiration that brings the museum to life and, by extension, the Historic Southside neighbourhood back to life.



National Juneteenth MuseumNational Juneteenth MuseumNational Juneteenth MuseumNational Juneteenth Museum

The wide range of media typologies used were chosen to articulate different messages and feelings. Face-to-face interviews with key figures in the positioning and design of the museum help audiences understand and connect with the passion and importance of the project.

CGIs communicate the future designs for the museum and the architects’ visions. Archive imagery was used to illustrate the history of the Fort Worth site, and motion graphics and illustrations show how it’s changed through the years.

National Juneteenth Museum

“The National Juneteenth Museum chose Squint/Opera for this project because we are storytellers. We saw an opportunity to go beyond presenting basic renderings of the museum’s appearance and wanted to weave in the history of Juneteenth and the emotion and passion of the individuals involved. We invested time in getting to know them, and their trust in us allowed us to capture the entire narrative. The outcome has allowed for a film that not only showcases the design and programmatic vision for the museum, but the history and importance of the museum locally and nationally.” – 

Holly Green, Producer, Squint/Opera. 

“When designing our vision for the National Juneteenth Museum, we aimed to create a space that resonates with history and hope. Collaborating with Squint/Opera allowed us to bring this vision to life. Their storytelling expertise helped us showcase the museum’s unique design and champion its cultural and historic significance to the nation. This partnership has been pivotal in illustrating the museum’s potential as a beacon of revitalisation for the Historic Southside of Fort Worth while evoking the spirit of freedom.”

Douglass Alligood, Partner, Bjarke Ingels Group.