Project Details

London relies on a 150-year-old sewer system built for a population for less than half of its current size. Tideway is a major investment in the city’s wastewater infrastructure that offers an opportunity to enhance the identity and experience of the River Thames by creating a series of new public spaces. We created a 3 minute film to communicate Hawkins/Brown’s ecological and rejuvenation work on the project to Londoners and the general public.




London, UK


Architecture & Built Environment


Aecom, Tideways, Gillespies, Dekka, David Bonnet Associates

The Brief

‘Create a film that celebrates the Thames Tideway Project and communicates the work undertaken by Hawkins/Brown to the public.’


Our Response

Our film starts by explaining the history and unique challenge of London’s original sewage system. The narrative then lays out the Tideway solution and Hawkins/Brown’s role in the project, which is to design the individual sites along the River Thames that provide acres of new public realm for Londoners and visitors.


We opted for an interview and voice over approach to allow the audience to be invited into the challenges, opportunities of the project and Hawkins\Brown’s design process. We chose to focus on the proposed designs for 3 major sites, Chelsea Embankment, Victoria Embankment, and Blackfiars, to ensure that the film was engaging and not overly technical. The result is a 3 minute film that explains the context of the project, the design process and finally, inspires the audience for the future of these public spaces.


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