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Squint/Opera is pleased that Jodrell Bank – First Light Pavilion has won ‘Highly Commended’ in the Design Week Awards 23’ Exhibition Design category. 

The First Light Pavilion exhibition tells the story of pioneering astronomer Bernard Lovell and the Jodrell Bank observatory through an immersive and interactive digital experience.

In close collaboration with exhibition designers Casson Man, Squint/Opera produced 19 media exhibits that explore the inspiring story of Jodrell Bank.

Highlights include: a large-scale projection of the night sky cast onto 12 original panels of the Lovell Telescope. Also, a bespoke planetarium film charting the pioneering history of the site, the multiple discoveries made there and the vital role the observatory continues to play in modern astronomy, with a specially commissioned voice-over from acclaimed physicist Professor Brian Cox.

“The use of the giant dish panels from the 1957 Lovell Telescope as a focal point allows visitors to have direct contact with this special piece of equipment that has been touched by cosmic rays and ‘space dust.”

“This dish also serves as a surface for multimedia projections, showcasing the stories of Jodrell scientists. Elsewhere, interactive elements offer visitors the chance to crawl into a black hole, climb into a flying saucer, and sit in a deckchair once used to record cosmic phenomena. This integration of historical artefacts and interactive experiences creates an engaging and immersive environment for visitors to explore and learn about the wonders of space.” – Design Week.

See this accolade and the other winners in the category here. 

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