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Commissioning media for your next big exhibition can be a daunting exercise. Squint/Opera’s media design aligns with the phasing of architectural design to help structure the development of digital media for exhibitions. From strategy to concept and development through to installation and use, it’s paramount to know where you want to end up before you get on the road. 

We’ve detailed a layout of Squint’s media design roadmap to help you get ready. This valuable resource works like a media design satellite-nav, setting you up for success as you embark on your next digital media design journey. 

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Written by

Constance Nuttall

Project Director

Constance is a Project Director at Squint/Opera. She was the first producer at our New York Studio and delivered the massive Empire State Building project. She now oversees projects around the globe, from concept to completion, producing across a range of disciplines from print graphics, to large-scale immersive media to interactive software. …