Project Details

UNStudio and DA Group’s proposal for the Chungnam Art Museum was selected as the overall winning design, beating a host of internationally renowned practices. As digital content and experience designers, we designed a digital masterplan for the Chungnam Art Museum, addressing key strategic goals and providing a unique and immersive experience.




Chungnam, South Korea


Museums & Attractions


DA Group, Loos van Vliet, UNSense

The Brief

Design a digital masterplan for an art museum central to a newly developed city in South Korea. The museum would become a place where everyone participates; an everyday space and hub for the community. The museum will be a smart museum responding to the digital environment and a new ecosystem of Chungnam arts.

Chungnam Art MuseumChungnam Art Museum

Our Response

Our two strategic goals were to use digital to strengthen the connection between the audience and the museum, and to both acquire and retain new audiences. The masterplan offers unparalleled access to every aspect of the collection anywhere in the world, it can be used as a tool for design, inspiration and exploration of Chungnam arts. Digital enables visitors to engage more deeply; it gives them a voice, which they can share in the museum space.

Chungnam Art Museum

UNStudio and DA Group’s design for the Chungnam Art Museum goes far beyond a traditional art museum. It is a fully immersive cultural and social experience for the whole community; a living, breathing space that will grow and change over time. The museum is designed as a place of inspiration, participation and contribution – to both art and the community. It also aims to become one of the first Zero-Energy museums in Korea.

Chungnam Art MuseumChungnam Art Museum

The Chungnam Art Museum will provide a new form of interactive engagement between art and the public. It does this by turning the museum inside out, bringing in the city and community of Chungnam to create a diverse and vibrant cultural experience. For the future of the museum, we see the opportunity to create vibrant and interactive spaces through which art and technology can be experienced in new ways.

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