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The First Light Pavilion exhibition tells the story of pioneering astronomer Bernard Lovell and the Jodrell Bank observatory through an immersive and interactive digital experience. Squint/Opera was responsible for the production of 19 media exhibits that explore the inspiring story of Jodrell Bank. Highlights include: a large-scale projection of the universe sky projected onto 12 original panels of the Lovell Telescope; and a bespoke planetarium film charting the pioneering history of the site, the multiple discoveries made there and the vital role the observatory continues plays in modern astronomy, with specially commissioned voice-over from acclaimed physicist Professor Brian Cox.


The University of Manchester


Cheshire, UK


Museums & Attractions


Jodrell Bank, Casson Mann, ISO, Coda to Coda

The Brief

In close collaboration with Jodrell Bank and Casson Mann, facilitate a creative and dynamic storytelling experience through interactive and immersive digital media which utilise the custom-built planetarium spaces.

Jodrell Bank – First Light PavilionJodrell Bank – First Light Pavilion

Our Response

We designed and produced the digital media and graphic content for the permanent exhibition, including a 15 projector film exploring the universe sky and celestial objects, a 32 projector film within the custom-built planetarium charting the origins of Jodrell Bank, 10 interactive games, multiple linear films, audio edits and the design of all printed graphics.

Jodrell Bank – First Light Pavilion

Visitors explore the fascinating history of Jodrell Bank from its early use of radar during the Second World War, the tracking of Sputnik during the Cold War and the important scientific research the observatory continues to perform to this day. As visitors enter the exhibition space, they are immersed in visually captivating projections of the universe sky, combining optical and radial images which showcase key celestial objects and astronomical discoveries.

Jodrell Bank – First Light PavilionJodrell Bank – First Light PavilionJodrell Bank – First Light PavilionJodrell Bank – First Light Pavilion

You are invited to trigger bespoke content onto the main projection screens by discovering hidden easter eggs within the digital interactives. This includes a meteor shower which travels the whole length of the gallery space, colourful images of the Andromeda galaxy, and other important objects pivotal to Lovell’s story such as deckchairs, blueprint designs and an animated Sputnik! Visitors can even drive a replica of the Lovell Telescope using a physical rotating handle which links to a digital 3D model.

Jodrell Bank – First Light PavilionJodrell Bank – First Light Pavilion

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