Project Details

Our ambitious film, using cutting-edge virtual film production techniques, immerses the viewer into the unique landscape and extraordinary future experiences of Trojena.




Saudi Arabia


Architecture & Built Environment


Zaha Hadid, Lava 

The Brief

An explainer film for Trojena to accompany its global launch, successfully communicating the development project to a global public audience for the first time.

The two-minute explainer film combines CG with live action characters to launch the Trojena development in the mountains of NEOM, Saudi Arabia.


Our Response

People are at the centre of the film. It is through their eyes that we are viewing the film, connecting with each other as if a collective experience.


The film shows the destination’s experiential offer from ‘first-person’ perspectives. Whether standing on top of the Mountain breathing in the views, or rushing down the ski slopes, or sailing on the lake, the film transports the audience right into the experience.

Like Trojena itself, the film feels otherworldly, immersive and exciting. It gives the viewer an unforgettable first impression of the destination, transporting them around the vision, and showing them glimpses of the future place.

“Trojena will redefine mountain tourism for the world by creating a place based on the principles of ecotourism, highlighting our efforts to preserve nature and enhance the community’s quality of life”


Utilising new cutting-edge ‘Virtual Production’ film techniques, 3D scenes of future environments were created in Realtime CGI using the Unreal render engine and projected onto a widescreen LED. This constituted a hyperreal CG backdrop onto which actors were filmed interacting within the future environments.



Working closely with our client Squint/Opera concepted, scripted, and shot this production consisting of a large cast and crew amidst the height of the COVID pandemic.


“This epic production marks a turning point in how we convey narratives set in future environments. Harnessing the latest Virtual Production film techniques we can create realistic immersive scenes in computer generated environments, combining reality with technology in seamless new ways. This ambitious production reflects the powerful ambitions of the Trojena development itself”  – Alice Britton Founding Director, Squint/Opera.

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